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Frasers Property staff appointed to UDIA NSW 2020 committees

News  |  28 January 2020
Frasers Property Australia
Frasers Property Australia
UDIA NSW 2020 Committee appointments

We are delighted to announce that staff from Frasers Property have been appointed to UDIA NSW 2020 committees.

The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) NSW 2020 committees have now been formed, and we’re delighted for the Frasers Property Australia staff appointed to support the policy development, advocacy and educational activities of the UDIA in NSW. 

Employment Lands Committee 

Joanna Russell, General Manager – Retail Development (Chair)
Paul Solomon, Planning & Infrastructure Manager
The Employment Lands Committee exists to support the development of employment lands and increase the supply of employment lands in Sydney. 

Urban Development Committee 

Matthew van Rijswijk, Development Director
The Urban Development Committee is focussed on improving the development in existing parts of the city including urban renewal and regeneration, apartments, mixed-use and introducing the Missing Middle. The committee advocates for giving the industry the flexibility to innovate and achieve affordability in the urban environment.

Land Development Committee 

Nadim Akari, Development Manager
The Land Development Committee exists to support the efficient release and servicing of land across Sydney, with a focus on residential greenfield development. The Land Committee is focussed on key strategic planning and policy issues that delay or inhibit the timely development of greenfield land.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Kylie Izzillo, Human Resources Manager
Adel Miskovich, Corporate Marketing Manager
The UDIA NSW Diversity & Inclusion Committee is one of the key Business Advisory Committees for UDIA, it is focusing on improving and promoting diversity and inclusion in the UDIA and the urban development industry more broadly.

Young Leaders Committee 

Yvette Fenech, Project Manager
The Young Leaders Committee develops future leaders for the industry, aiming to support the development of the Young Leaders in the Committee by providing a networking forum with honest conversations, supporting broader impact through policy and research publications.

Infrastructure Committee 

Raymond Baksmati, Development Director
The Infrastructure Committee exists to support the efficient planning and delivery of infrastructure in Sydney, with a focus on catalytic and social infrastructure the committee reviews policy barriers, as well as funding mechanisms for infrastructure.

Planning Committee

George Massoud, Design Director
The Planning Committee is focussed on improving the NSW planning system so that the community, government, and industry can live in a connected, accessible, and affordable future city. The Committee is currently focussed on small measures to improve the statutory planning system.

Strata, Community & Building Committee 

Cvet Trpeski, Senior Corporate Lawyer
The Strata, Community and Building Committee promotes the development of strata and community title and the ongoing sustainability of the community for the residents that live in the community. The committee provides a development perspective with a strong focus on building regulation, establishing new schemes, renewal and dispute resolution.

Illawarra Committee 

Mathew Gulliver, Senior Development Manager
The Illawarra Committee exists to support the efficient planning and servicing of development in the Illawarra region. The Committee also supports the industry’s profile in the region. The Committee is focussed on ensuring adequate infrastructure delivery and supply in the region.

Joanna Russell is also a representative on the UDIA NSW Council. 

Congratulations to Joanna, Paul, Matthew, Nadim, Kylie, Adel, Yvette, Raymond, George, Cvet, and Mathew on their appointments.

Frasers Property Australia
Frasers Property Australia