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Choose to Challenge: International Women's Day 2021

News  |  04 March 2021
Frasers Property Australia
Frasers Property Australia
International Women's Day 2021

Monday 8 March 2021 is International Women’s Day and the theme this year is choose to challenge. 

At Frasers Property Australia, to be the company we want to be, we need diversity. We rely on our strong, capable, inspirational women to lead different parts of our organisation and their influence is felt throughout our business: in our workplaces, on our sites, in the way we engage with our customers, in the communities we create.

The choose to challenge theme asks us to consider how we will help forge a gender equal world, celebrate women's achievements, raise awareness against bias, and take action for equality. In speaking to some of the women leaders in our business, and how they will choose to challenge, some interesting perspectives arose.

Some expressed gratitude to be part of an organisation that promotes gender equality, supports women to fulfil their professional aspirations, and offers them the flexibility they need to pursue the opportunities that are right for them. Others highlighted the extent to which the industry has changed over the years, as a traditionally male-dominated sector has gradually welcomed more women in different roles, and is now benefitting from that diversity.

Many cited a lack of confidence as potentially holding women back from having their opinions heard, and from reaching the heights they’re capable of. The message here was clear: know your value, draw confidence from this, and proactively seek opportunities to demonstrate that value for everyone’s benefit, including yours.

All agreed there’s more to be done. This International Women’s Day, we’re choosing to challenge everyone in our organisation to identify and meaningfully address any aspects of their role where they see, or foresee, an imbalance. Be empowered to speak up and act. We’re proud of the work environment we’ve created, where diversity is celebrated and relied upon. But it’s not time to rest on our laurels. 

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Frasers Property Australia
Frasers Property Australia