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Interview with Jamisen Rivera, UDIA QLD Development Drum podcast

We always encourage our people to lend their insights and expertise to a broader audience.

17 November 2022

Our Development Director in Queensland, Jamisen Rivera, did just that on the official podcast of the UDIA QLD, [Development Drum|].

Jamisen discusses Hamilton Reach and Brunswick & Co. – projects which, while very different, have consistencies – the place-making focus, the value of activations, and the importance of a strong team. Build-to-rent is obviously a hot topic, and Jamisen articulates our approach to elevating the experience for tenants. “If you give respect, you’re going to get respect,” she says.

Part of the Development Drum experience is getting to know the people behind the projects, and the episode is an interesting exploration into Jamisen’s somewhat atypical career progression with Frasers Property.

Her experience is a prime example of the opportunities for growth we provide. From her marketing position, Jamisen made the transition to development with the support of Cameron Leggatt, our General Manager Residential QLD at the time, and as she explains, understanding property fundamentals and the ability to manage people have been core to her success.

That, and the wonderful team she’s a part of. As she says, it’s about “getting the right people on the team, understanding the project vision, and delivering upon that.”

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