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Frasers Property Australia CEO Anthony Boyd joins GCBA Board

Focus on sharing knowledge, expertise and innovation

30 November 2022

Frasers Property Australia Chief Executive Officer Anthony Boyd has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).

The GCBA and Frasers Property have a long history of working together, and Mr Boyd will lead that association into the future while facilitating the sharing of knowledge, expertise and innovation between industry and the GBCA to drive meaningful change.

“The GBCA’s impact on the Australian built environment has been profound. By providing connections and facilitating knowledge sharing, the GBCA ensures innovations and initiatives from members are amplified and shared across a range of businesses quickly and effectively,” Mr Boyd says.

“This elevates minimum standards and collectively lifts the whole industry, especially given the willingness among members to be open and transparent in sharing ideas and practical applications for the greater good.”

Mr Boyd is excited to get to work as part of a diverse Board with members from different areas of the industry, with direct and indirect engagement in building and operating real estate.

“The diversity within the GBCA Board, team and membership organisations provides the broad perspective necessary to make a meaningful contribution to a better, cleaner future,” Mr Boyd says.

“Looking ahead, the biggest challenge for the built environment is scalable change. This will ideally be driven through access to affordable technologies, products and construction methodologies which are crucial for raising the standards of future sustainable buildings. Greater access will also enable the elevation of existing buildings to those same standards.

“In collaboration with the whole GBCA family, I look forward to progressing the great work of the current and previous Directors so we can collectively raise the bar in sustainability in the built environment and enhance Australia’s position as a global leader in this space.” In addition to his position on the GBCA Board of Directors, Mr Boyd also contributes to the Property Council of Australia’s Corporate Leaders Group and Champions of Change Coalition, and is a Board member of the Property Industry Foundation.

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