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Frasers Property Australia partners with Ending Loneliness Together

National network to combat loneliness and social isolation

03 August 2023

  • Partnership accelerates social impact of research in communities
  • New documentary launched: The Great Separation
  • Supports critical work on loneliness and social isolation
  • Increases capacity to advocate for all Australians

Frasers Property Australia has partnered with Ending Loneliness Together (ELT) to combat loneliness and social isolation in the communities it creates, while sharing knowledge and programs with other partner organisations to contribute to broader solutions to combat chronic loneliness.

As a national network of organisations, ELT draws knowledge from Australian and international universities, and service delivery expertise from community, social services and professional organisations, to address loneliness in Australia.

Dr Michelle Lim, ELT Scientific Chair, says the aim of the partnership with one of Australia’s leading property developers is to explore how ELT can accelerate the social impact of its research through the communities Frasers Property Australia creates.

“Frasers Property is already leading the way as a developer through the community development work they do in building connections and resilience. Their sponsorship of the creation of The Great Separation, a ground-breaking documentary by award-winning producer Shannon Swan which explores the causes, impacts and solutions to loneliness and will soon air on SBS Australia in October, has delivered a valuable educational asset for ELT to help break down the stigma of loneliness,” says Ms Lim.

Seen through the eyes of protagonist Joey Fry, the film explores the harmful consequences—as well as practical remedies—to the epidemic of loneliness affecting a quarter of Australian adults.

Anthony Boyd, Chief Executive Officer, Frasers Property Australia and Advisory Board Member of ELT, says the partnership with ELT aligns with the company’s core purpose to create belonging, honed over 100 years of operating in Australia.

“As a partner we will work with ELT and our other partners, including Bolton Clarke, Medibank and AIA, using research as the base to create and trial different ideas and initiatives. In our case, these might apply to home design, public spaces and amenity, or community social programs to address loneliness,” says Mr Boyd.

“This partnership is an opportunity for our 600-strong team of people to use their property-related expertise to incubate ideas and pilot programs within our communities with the potential help people build connection and ultimately reduce the incidence of loneliness in the communities in which we live and work.

“In 2024, Frasers Property Australia celebrates its 100th birthday. The lessons and insights we’ll gather through our work with Ending Loneliness Together will shape the way we make places and build stronger communities for the next 100 years, in line with our core purpose,” he says.

According to ELT, one in two Australians report feeling more lonely since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, with social distancing and lockdowns leading to increased isolation, impacting mental health and wellbeing.

Future opportunities to be explored by the partnership between ELT and Frasers Property include research projects, and joint grant funding opportunities between university partners and other advisory group partners.

ELT is a founding member of the Global Initiative on Loneliness and Connection. It represents Australia in global efforts to combat loneliness and social isolation and currently works with the World Health Organization on the issue.

For more information on Ending Loneliness Together visit:

To learn more about The Great Separation and to view the official trailer visit:


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