A real solution to rising energy costs

By Paolo Bevilacqua, GM Real Utilities

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    ... energy infrastructure is implemented into our developments as a matter of course.

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    ... and greener power was identified as a new business growth opportunity.

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    Real Utilities

    ... provides a real cost-of-living benefit to our customers.

Energy. It was the catalyst to bring down a Prime Minister, energy and carbon policy continue to divide our politicians and all the while, consumers fear their bills as the warmer months approach. There’s no escaping the negative fallout of this hot button issue.

But at Frasers Property Australia, we’re taking a positive view on energy. Energy has been identified as a new business growth opportunity as well as a key competitive advantage for us from a customer service perspective, particularly in terms of being able to offer cheaper and greener power.

We recently established Real Utilities as a stand-alone business and a licenced Australian energy retailer, operating under the Frasers Property Australia umbrella.

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