What we've learned about social housing

By Sarah Bloom and Anthony Boyd

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    … must not discriminate.

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    … is a non-negotiable component of any development agreement, and a long-term financial commitment.

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    … must provide for a clear delineation of strata issues for public and private.

Done well, it can eliminate the ‘us’ and ‘them’ divide. But integrating social – now called ‘community’ – housing with market dwellings in a safe, connected environment means navigating sensitive territory.

Frasers Property has been involved in numerous integrated social and community housing projects over the years, including at Carlton and Parkville in Victoria and East Perth in WA. There have been many lessons learned and through our work with Mission Australia Housing on the Ivanhoe Estate – the $2.1 billion mixed-use community integrating community, affordable and private housing in Sydney’s Macquarie Park – we’re learning many more.

The greatest opportunity to create community housing in Australia is in partnership with Government. As at Ivanhoe Estate, when Government maintains the ownership of land and works in partnership with the private sector, the opportunities to create a public benefit while generating a positive economic outcome are aligned.

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