Established in 1925, Davies Coop transformed a greenfield site into a textile hub, expanding into knitting, cotton spinning, and weaving. The 1950s saw a new cotton mill built to interwar growth, while Bradford Cotton Mills took over in the 1960s. As Bradmill, it dominated denim with ties to global brands. Despite changes, its culture fostered innovation, yielding awards. The company ceased operations in 2001, leaving a lasting community legacy. Urban explorers, artists, and reunions kept its spirit alive. The site’s history and local ties pave the way for a new chapter. Bradmill’s global acclaim resulted from high-quality products and innovation. Meticulous craftsmanship showcased a culture of excellence among employees. Its landmark chimney, coal-fired boiler, and modern warehouses fuelled operations. Bradmill dominated Australia’s textile production, from Olympics attire to industrial supplies. Fashion contracts and awards highlighted their innovation, solidifying Bradmill as an Australian icon.


Bradmill thrived as a united community, placing people at the core. A diverse workforce of 30+ nationalities erased barriers and hierarchy. The site, bustling with up to 1,200 employees, connected through family shared lunches, music, sports, and outings. Life events solidified lifelong friendships, creating a cherished legacy of unity and warmth.

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