If there’s one theme that underpins this edition of the Live proud magazine, it’s the importance of care.

11 May 2022

Whether it’s designing and crafting the neighbourhoods of tomorrow, the communities we consult with as we breathe new life into forgotten places, or the genuine human connection we strive to create with the people that call our properties home, we have learnt in our proud 98-year legacy of developing Australia that a caring approach is central to it all.

And there’s a lot of news to share with you on that front. At the old Bradmill Cotton Factory site in Melbourne’s Yarraville, our team are documenting the 80-year history of the mill through the fascinating stories of the people that worked there. We’re also sharing, free to all, our invaluable Greensheet resource listing more than 1,400 tried-and-tested building products that helped us meet the rigorous standards of the Living Building Challenge® at Burwood Brickworks, the world’s most sustainable retail centre.

We also take a look at the outstanding work which our Customer Care team does to assist our customers through the exciting and challenging time of purchasing a property, as well as shining a light on the care our communities have for each other as they come back together and reconnect after a challenging couple of years.

I hope you enjoy reading our stories. Until next time, take care.

Cameron Leggatt
Executive General Manager Development

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