Finding the right home can involve making lots of stressful decisions, but once you’ve found it there are plenty of fun choices to make when it comes to design and décor. It’s the ‘knowing where to start’ that can be a little daunting. That’s why we asked internationally renowned interior stylist Louise Paterson to share some of her best tips and tricks for creating sensational spaces.

20 May 2019


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Don’t go overboard with decorative cushions, just pick one or two that you really like.

Coffee table

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Treat your coffee table as a movable piece of art. Refresh it regularly with a few small styling pieces, but keep them to one third of the space!

Art wall

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When creating an art wall, choose one cohesive factor; either a group of identical frames or a consistent theme across all pieces of art.


Live Proud Frasers Property Australia

Free up bench space and add interest by sitting chopping boards upright and keeping utensils in tall vessels.

Study nook

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Use greenery to add oxygen and life to your workspaces.

General tips

Mix designer and inexpensive pieces to individualise your look. 
use uniform baskets to keep kids toys out of sight without compromising on style.
never cover every single surface. work with positive and negative spaces to create an interesting journey for the eye.

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