Applications Development Manager, Minje Eom has more than ten years of experience with Frasers Property as both an employee and a home-owner.

20 May 2019

Drawn to the development by its amenities and the growth potential of the suburb, Minje and his wife purchased a two-bedroom apartment in Clemton Park Village, Campsie NSW in 2012. Beyond the development’s location and masterplan, Minje’s experience with Frasers Property in his work life was one of the key reasons he chose one of their communities to invest in.

“Over the decade that I’ve been here I’ve developed a lot of trust in the people and the organisation,” says Minje. “I like the company, not just as an institution, but the company culture and the people as well.”

“The other major reason was property quality. I work in IT but I still work closely with the residential team, and I know that they’re extremely conscious about the quality of the project delivered to the market. Knowing that, it was quite an easy decision.”

A few years later the couple purchased their second investment apartment, this time at Reside Carlton, an inner-city development in Melbourne’s north. “We already owned properties in Sydney, so we wanted to diversify our investment in different states,” says Minje. “Carlton is next to Melbourne University, and even in a downturn or when the economic situation is not good, I think education will always thrive.”

Having previously purchased with Frasers Property, the couple were eligible for a 2% discount on their purchase at Reside Carlton through the Prosperity Care and Rewards program. A first for an Australian property developer, Prosperity offers its members ongoing support and valuable benefits including a $2,000 referral bonus, priority access to new releases, discounts of up to 3% on future purchases, and the ability to share their exclusive access and discounts with family members.

As part of Frasers Property Australia’s commitment to honesty and transparency, its staff don’t get special treatment or access to Prosperity benefits until they are a customer. Just like any other purchaser, their path to home ownership is one of saving, searching and negotiating, complete with all the typical road blocks.

“I definitely would have considered buying with Frasers Property even if I didn’t work here,” Minje asserts. “When I go out and talk to people who know about Frasers, their overall feedback is that it’s a trustworthy company delivering good projects and good properties. The accessibility is definitely there but I don’t think working at Frasers Property has had that much of an impact on our investing mindset. It’s much more about quality.”

In 2017, Sumeer Shoree, General Manager of IT purchased his first Frasers Property investment at  Discovery Point  in Southern Sydney’s Wolli Creek.

Live Proud Frasers Property AustraliaWith an investment ethos centred on stable, long-term growth rather than short-term capital gains, minimal risk and high build quality were top of mind.

“We had a certain budget and our risk capacity was not too high, so we wanted to make sure that whatever we bought would get us tenants,” says Sumeer. “The amenities were a huge plus, with all of the surrounding parklands and being so close to the station. Our tenants are still happy more than one and a half years later, so I really can’t fault the place.”

For Sumeer, the decision to buy with Frasers Property came down to one thing: trust. “Trusting a developer to get it right by you is a hard ask,” Sumeer admits. “But I know that we do a good job, and our heart is in the right place in wanting to do right by our customers. Of course we have commercial priorities and we’re making money, but we stand true to our commitments. We’re realistic about what we set out to achieve and we make that happen. It’s just natural that there’s a confidence that the products will be good as well.”

They say that if you knew how the sausage gets made, you’d never eat one. But in Sumeer and Minje’s case, having the inside story on Frasers Property’s commitment to quality and customer experience has been central to their decision to trust their employer with their home ownership dreams. “It makes me proud to say that I live in a Frasers community and work in the Frasers business,” says Minje. “I don’t think there’s any greater endorsement than that.

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