Meet the development team behind Wallara Waters

19 October 2020

At Frasers Property, we live and breathe what we do.

Our work is built on a strong foundation of values that has been helping us create places that people love since 1924.

For all of us at Frasers Property, building property is about so much more than bricks and mortar, it’s about building homes and communities that bring people together. 

We’re currently working with Mondous Property to build Wallara Waters, a peaceful community in the pristine countryside just north of Melbourne. 

Read on to learn more about how we’re adding more to the properties and land for sale in Wallan.


Who is Frasers Property?

The team at Frasers Property has been dedicated to building homes and communities that people are proud to call home for more than 95 years.

During our long history in Australia, we’ve created homes for more than ten thousand Australians.

Our reputation for getting the job done to the highest standard, plus our partnerships with reputable builders like Mondous Property mean that a Frasers Property project is a development you can feel confident in.

Our team is 650 strong and counting, and we thrive on helping you find that special place to call home.

At Frasers Property, we measure success through you and know we’ve done well when we see that sense of achievement in the faces of our customers.


A Different Way

The world is changing like never before and we recognise that we need to change with it.

That’s why we have a different approach.

We developed A Different Way to rethink how we do what we do. As a growing business, we recognise our responsibility to work in a way that is better for our people, our customers and the environment.

A Different Way is built on three core pillars: act progressively, focus on people and consume responsibly.

These principles guide everything that we do.

We are working towards a more diverse and inclusive workforce, with set goals and targets that you can follow as we work to address these issues.

We always think about how the places we create make happier places to live.

Our projects are more sustainable with a commitment to using resources that are reused, recycled and restored.

A Different Way means property development done differently. Frasers Property means building communities that feel like home.


Giving back to the community

Frasers Property is focused on giving back to the community through our Frasers Property Foundation and partnerships with community groups that are working to make a difference.

Everything we do to give back to the community is inspired by the idea of promoting wellness.

Through partnerships with Smiling Mind and Live Life, Get Active, we are working to improve the wellbeing of people in communities across Australia.

Smiling Mind and Frasers Property deliver a program that brings greater mental health awareness and training to schools. We’ve reached 48,000 kids and 1,925 teachers in 55 schools, and counting.

Our work is helping to empower schools, teachers, parents, and kids to address mental health issues early on.

We also work with Live Life, Get Active to make our communities healthier. Through free fitness camps, such as the one in Merri Creek Park at Wallara Waters, people in the community can become more active and build connections that address social isolation. 

Frasers Property Foundation is a coordinated effort of all our charitable activities. 

Through Frasers Property Foundation we provide funding which supports community organisations, leverage partnerships to build homes for disadvantaged kids and enable our staff to pursue volunteering opportunities that give back.


Our Values at Work

Our work with the team from Mondous Property means that your new home is being worked on by some of the top builders in Melbourne. 

So far, Mondous Property and Frasers Property have already transformed Wallara Waters’ 186-hectare site into a vibrant and green neighbourhood, that you will feel at home right away. The Frasers Property commitment to A Different Way means that we have built on the community history of the Wallan area, with beautiful surrounds, sublime homes and plenty of exciting new amenities on the near horizon. 

When you buy land here in Wallan, a genuine sense of community and fantastic lifestyle are included. 

Wallara Waters has the close-knit feel of a small country town with all the amenities of modern living, making the home and land for sale in Wallan the opportunity of a lifetime.


Searching for land for sale in Wallan?

Find your dream land block in Wallan with Frasers Property. Get in touch with us to discuss the many land and house and land options in Wallan at Wallara Waters.

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