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Mambourin awarded 6 Star Green Star Communities rating

Residential  |  11 October 2019
Frasers Property Australia
Media Release
Frasers Property Australia
Mambourin, Victoria | Frasers Property Australia

Frasers Property’s third community project to achieve highest rating

  • 6 Star Green Star Communities rating awarded for community’s commitment to innovation 
  • Mambourin is one of five in Victoria to be selected for Resilient Communities project
  • Mambourin joins Frasers Property’s Fairwater (NSW) and Burwood Brickworks (VIC) as world leading sustainable communities

Frasers Property Australia’s Mambourin community in Melbourne’s West has been awarded a 6 Star Green Star Communities rating by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). 

The 6 Star Green Star Communities rating represents world leadership in sustainable communities and is the highest rating possible.

The recognition marks the third major residential development nationally for Frasers Property – after Fairwater in Sydney and Burwood Brickworks in Melbourne – to achieve a 6 Star Green Star Communities  rating under the GBCA’s Communities tool.

Mambourin was awarded the 6 Star Green Star Communities rating as a result of Frasers Property’s commitment to exceptional levels of connectivity, innovation and early amenity. These commitments are demonstrated by plans for a well-connected major town centre, local business district and future train station, an exclusive Residents Club, as well as participation in Resilient Melbourne’s ‘Resilient Communities’ project.

The Residents Club will provide Mambourin residents with early access to a high-quality health and leisure facility which has been designed as a community hub and incubator for social connection, while minimising the amount of energy required through the use of geothermal technology.

Designs are also progressing for a major town centre and local business district adjoining the future train station, on the regional rail link, with renewable energy sources, biophilic design and pedestrian and bicycle access as key elements of the design.  

Participation in the Resilient Communities project will see Frasers Property focus on ways it can accelerate community connection and establish community resilience at Mambourin, as new residents move in. Mambourin will act as a pilot project to provide learning and inspiration to future greenfield projects. 

“Mambourin is a unique development that elevates our customers’ expectations of what a new community should offer,” Sarah Bloom, General Manager – Residential Victoria, Frasers Property Australia says. 

“Residents will not only have access to a state-of-the-art leisure centre, but a school, town centre, local business district, parks, community facilities and a train station, all an easy walk from their door. 

“The high level of amenity on offer will provide residents with all the convenience of city-living, without the price tag, in a socially and environmentally sustainable place.

“Our focus for Mambourin has always been about the opportunities we, as a developer, have to build a new community that is focused on residents’ long-term health and wellbeing. Our vision for Mambourin is for the community to thrive well into the future and the masterplan reflects this vision.”

Mambourin will be home to more than 3,500 future residents in a 110-ha mixed-use community that will shape the future development of Melbourne’s expanding west. 

Stage 1 is now well under construction and includes a central 5.4-ha wetland and park with plans for an all-ages play area, fitness nodes, walking and cycling paths, shelters, barbecues and more. Plans for the two-staged Mambourin town centre include approximately 25,000 sqm of retail floor space with a full-line supermarket, over 70 specialty retail stores and an elevated dining and entertainment precinct.  

Davina Rooney, CEO of the Green Building Council of Australia says Mambourin is a great example of a community that has been planned for the future.
“Sustainability is not just about the environment; it’s about providing people with more opportunity to choose to live healthy and well-connected lives. The blueprint for Mambourin provides this,” Ms Rooney says.

“The masterplan provides great detail about how people within the community will access transport, shops, parks, recreation and community facilities, and how these facilities will operate to reduce the overall carbon footprint.

“All of these factors will contribute to a resilient and sustainable community well into the future.”   

Mambourin is one of just five communities participating in the Resilient Communities pilot, an initiative of the Resilient Melbourne strategy, which is supporting communities across Melbourne to be better prepared to manage rising physical, social and economic challenges. 

The strategy is the first of its kind in Melbourne’s history. Under the strategy, Frasers Property is participating in the three to five-year Resilient Communities – Mambourin project. The project will trial and test the outcomes of initiatives to accelerate the development of community by engaging residents early. 

Resilient Melbourne is part of a global network called 100 Resilient Cities, aimed at helping cities become more resilient to shocks such as fire and floods, as well as everyday stresses that weaken the fabric of a city over time. Everyday stresses include unemployment, inefficient transport and lack of access to essential community services.  

Alison Whitten, Senior Portfolio Manager, Resilient Communities says Mambourin will deliver unique and valuable learning outcomes.

“Because Mambourin is both an entirely new development and located in one of the country’s fastest-growing areas, it makes it an ideal place to explore how we can help new communities to quickly form bonds and a strong sense of community,” Ms Whitten says.

Ms Whitten says that people with strong social connections are better equipped to deal with chronic stresses in life, as well as acute shock events such as fire and floods. 
“Through our collaboration at Mambourin and four other development sites, we hope to demonstrate how community engagement and local leadership can build stronger social ties. At heart, we hope to see communities enjoying a high quality of life every day, while being able to deal with the undesirable when it does happen.”

The lessons learnt at Mambourin (and other Resilient Communities sites) will be used to inform policy and practice for greenfield developments. 
“If we are truly successful, we will see urban development in Victoria that consistently focuses on building and connecting communities,” she says.

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