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Frasers Property Australia’s parent company adopts new name

Insights  |  01 February 2018
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Frasers Property Australia
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Strategic re-brand to enable global growth.

SYDNEY, 1 FEBRUARY 2018  Frasers Centrepoint Limited, the global parent company of Frasers Property Australia, has undergone a strategic re-branding and change of name. The Singapore headquartered property group will be known as ‘Frasers Property Limited’ (Frasers Property) as of today.

In addition, Frasers Property’s extensive operations in Singapore (comprising development operations, retail and commercial management) will now operate under the Frasers Property brand, consistent with the company’s operations in Australia, UK, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

This change unites the majority of the global group’s operations under a single logo, and enables Frasers Property’s focused investment in a single, global property brand.

This change is a natural evolution for the group, and affirms the local decision to re-brand Australand to Frasers Property Australia in 2015, following the acquisition of Australand by (then) Frasers Centrepoint Limited; a change that surprised many in the sector at the time.

Adopting a consistent global name and brand further supports an expansion of the rapidly growing group’s operations, with the recent establishment of two new business units under the Frasers Property umbrella: Frasers Property UK and Frasers Property Europe.

Frasers Property’s 2017 acquisition of Geneba, a logistics property asset manager and owner based in Germany and the Netherlands, and the 2017 £686 million acquisition of four business parks in Britain, reflect the group’s growing capability in the commercial, industrial and logistics sector, in which Frasers Property Australia has been a strong performer for many years.

Frasers Property Australia CEO Rod Fehring has been appointed Chair of both the Frasers Property UK and Frasers Property Europe management boards.

Media release
Frasers Property Australia