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Elizabeth Broderick, how do you cope, given what you see and do?

Insights  |  04 March 2020
Frasers Property Australia
Frasers Property Australia
Elizabeth Broderick AO in coversation at Frasers Property Australia

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2020, we invited Elizabeth Broderick in for a chat, asking: Elizabeth, how do you cope, given what you see and do?

“I've learned about the need to invest in self-care. It's actually the human rights activists that taught me this… that being well, both physically and mentally, is the ultimate act of political defiance in many nations, but also the ultimate act of women's empowerment. 

For me, it's about having a practice. I’ve meditated for at least a decade. I'm deeply connected to my family, my husband and kids, but also my identical twin sister who just counsels me. She says: Liz, hold it gently, hold it lightly.

But I think it's important to use the emotion of the stories I hear. So when I come to advocate for change, don't mess with me! I will get change… I speak as Liz Broderick, the keeper of thousands of stories of the inequality that I've witnessed across the world. That's what makes me powerful and that's what makes me influential.”
Elizabeth is the UN's special rapporteur on discrimination against women and girls and a member of the UN Working Group. Our wide-ranging conversation with Elizabeth, hosted by Ranna Alkadamani in Frasers Property Australia’s head office in Sydney, covered everyday sexism, radical feminism, fatherhood and Male Champions of Change. 

Frasers Property Australia
Frasers Property Australia