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Greenshoots installation a welcoming touch for new residents

Residential  |  Community  |  Sustainability  |  13 October 2017
Media release
Frasers Property Australia

Decorative pot plants offer tips and advice to those moving in.

Melbourne – 13 October 2017 – When residents join a new community often their first encounter with their new neighbours happens after the move, but at Berwick Waters, Frasers Property Australia and Mondous Property Australia are changing that.

At the Berwick Waters joint development in Melbourne’s south-east, prospective new buyers are receiving welcome messages, tips and advice from residents through the innovative Greenshoots Project installation.

In all, the installation features 80 messages written by Berwick Waters residents, with each individually designed and handcrafted by artist Rosie Woods before being transposed onto pots, forming a welcoming display around the sales office and stretching to the new Waterside Park.

The messages provide unique first-hand insights into life in the new community.

“While communities have changed substantially over the past few decades, one thing that hasn’t changed is the sense of wellbeing that comes from having a strong neighbourly network and community,” says Sarah Bloom, General Manager – Residential VIC, Frasers Property Australia.

“The Greenshoots Project is about welcoming people to the community, and giving them a sense of what it’s like to live in Berwick Waters before the slab on their new home is even poured”.

“Moving into a new community can be a daunting and sometimes lonely experience. This is one way to break down some of those barriers and make people feel at home in their new community from the very first day”.

“Anyone visiting our display village, or looking around the already flourishing Berwick Waters community, will be able to wander through the garden and read these messages to find out what people love about living here, as well as pick up some handy hints about places to go and things to do,” says Ms Bloom.

Ms Bloom says the messages range from people simply wanting to say ‘hi’ to their neighbours, to people talking about how they use the community’s many amenities and enjoy its natural attractions.

Enjoying the open spaces at Berwick Waters features prominently among the messages. Residents can now also enjoy the newly completed Waterside Park, which officially opens next month. The park features a children’s playground, expansive green open spaces, walking paths and picnic areas as well as a half-size basketball court.

“We know that integrating inviting spaces to enjoy outdoor activities makes a big difference to people’s health and wellbeing. The new Waterside Park completes another part of the bigger plan at Berwick Waters to offer such spaces to residents,” says Ms Bloom.

The Berwick Waters sales office is at 2 Viewbank Rd, Clyde North, along with the massive 53-home display village.

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Media release
Frasers Property Australia