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Builder information

Building your home is an exciting adventure that starts from the moment you begin viewing display homes to when you find one that best meets your needs. There’s a lot to consider but we are here to help you with each step.

1. Awareness

Your home must be designed in accordance with our Design Guidelines, Registered Covenants, Planning Approvals and any other Local or State Government statutory requirements.

3. Permit

Upon obtaining design approval, a Building Permit must be obtained from Logan City Council or a private Building Certifier using the same design as your Covenant Approved Plans.

4. Building

As soon as you have a Building Permit and all legal conveyancing requirements have been met, you may start build. All building, landscaping, fencing and retaining must comply with your Covenant Approved Plans, and any other Design Guideline requirements.

Building documents

Select the stage to access the different documents required before and during your build.

  • Completed Stages Build Documents - view
  • Treeview 1 Build Documents - view
  • Treeview 2 Build Documents - view
  • Treeview 3 Build Documents - view
  • Treeview 4 Build Documents - view
  • Haven 1 Build Documents - view
  • Haven 2 Build Documents - view
  • Haven 3 Build Documents - view
  • The Views 1 Build Documents - view
  • The Views 2 Build Documents view
  • The Views 3 Build Documents - view
  • The Views 4 Build Documents - view
  • The Views 5 Build Documents - view
  • The Grove 1 Build Documents - view
  • The Grove 2 Build Documents - view
  • The Grove 3 Build Documents - view
  • Brookhaven Lot Number Status - view
  • Brookhaven House & Land Package Schedule - view
  • Brookhaven Marketing Documents - view
Helpful Resources

It is the customer’s ultimate responsibility to ensure that design approval is granted before building starts.

You can submit your plans to be approved by the Design Review Committee via before settlement on your land occurs.

Your plans must adhere to the relevant Design Guidelines for your lot. Non-compliant designs will be returned with comments. Once compliant, designs will be approved within approximately 10 working days.

Please refer to the last page of the Design Guidelines, which tells you what to submit and where.

You may wish to have your builder organize this submission on your behalf.

As per the Design Guidelines landscaping to the front of your home is compulsory. This forms part of your contract obligations.

If you are doing your own landscaping, you will need to submit a landscape plan for approval with your home design submission. This can be hand drawn on a site plan if needed if what you are planning to do is clear.

Please submit this plan along with your home design documents when emailing the Design Review Committee as outlined above.

Once both you and your neighbour have settled on your land lot, you can request your neighbour’s details to discuss fencing and retaining walls. Please contact to make this request. Costs are generally to be shared between adjoining neighbours.

Fencing to the side and rear boundaries is to be a minimum of 1.8m in height. Fencing to the side boundary is to return a minimum of 1m behind the front façade.

Brackets have been provided on all developer installed retaining walls, which we encourage you to use for fence installation.

Where fencing has been installed as part of an earlier release e.g. 12 months old, please refer to the Dividing Fences & Trees Act to understand your obligations.

Please note: if Frasers Property still owns the lot next door at the time of building your fence, Frasers Property are not contractually obliged to pay for half of the fence.

Developer-built retaining walls maximise the area of level land in your lot. The type, height and location of walls will vary depending on your lot, and should be taken into account when designing your home and landscaping.

At Brookhaven, retaining walls between lots are concrete sleeper retaining walls with galvanised steel “I-beam” posts because of their durability and space saving design. These walls provide more useable level land within your lot.

Each lot in Brookhaven is individually designed, resulting in every retaining wall being unique. This approach maximises the flexibility of each lot to be customized by each owner now and into the future.

A brochure has been designed to help explain and guide you through the different retaining wall typologies, locations and their interaction with fencing, and to assist you in managing and maintaining your wall and fence. You can view this brochure here

Please note: Important retaining wall information that is specific to each individual lot is included in our Disclosure Plans. Retaining wall requirements and responsibility for costs should be discussed with your builder, landscaper, or contractor.

Electricity: Your distributor will be Energex. Your builder will connect your home to the electrical supply on your lot. After settlement you will be able to contact a Retail Service Provider (e.g. Origin) to arrange accounts in your name.

Gas: Your distributor will be APA Group. Your builder will contact them to arrange supply and after settlement you will be able to contact a Retail Service Provider (e.g. Origin) to arrange accounts in your name.

Internet: Frasers Property has chosen OptiComm to supply Brookhaven with a Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) network. This is for internet and phone connection only. You will still be required to install an antenna on your roof for free to air TV.

To enable connection to the OptiComm network you must wire your home in accordance with the OptiComm Cable Entry Guide, available here. Alternatively, you can request a copy from the sales team.

A choice of retail service providers utilise the OptiComm network. Further details are available at

Frasers Property has paid the connection fee from the road to the house for OptiComm on your behalf.

Water: At settlement you will find a water meter box installed on your lot. The purpose of the box is to house the water meter, which you will need to arrange. You can get your builder to include this within your build contract or contact Logan City Council directly to arrange installation of this once you have settled on your land.

Upon settlement, if you are not planning on commencing your build straight away, we highly recommend erecting a temporary fence around your lot.

You will receive monthly construction updates on the contractual purchase of your land.

Within these, you will be notified when Soil Testing and Site Surveys can be conducted by your builder.

Your lot number is not your street number. You will be allocated a street number by Logan City Council at the time of Title Registration.

Disclaimer: Whilst Frasers Property has tried to ensure that all information provided on this page is complete, accurate or up to date, the content is are provided ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ and Frasers Property takes no responsibility for any error or omission relating to this information.

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