Berwick Waters Construction Update December 2022

We’re excited to keep you informed about how the project is progressing, give you insights into the construction process and ensure you’re up to date with the development of this exciting community.

20 December 2022

Stage 4 water and gas works and the first layer of rock for the road are completed, and construction has started on the kerb and channel (gutters). We are anticipating settlement of Stage 4 in May – June 2023.

Over in Stage 5, all civil works are now complete! All that remains now, is for the relevant authorities to all approve the works, which we are currently progressing through. Settlement is anticipated in early January 2023.

In Stage 6, we've now finished the drainage works. In January, we plan to work on the first layer of the rock for the road pavement and service conduits underneath the roads, as well as start on the gas and water service installation. We forecast settlements in June - August 2023.

Stage 6, Berwick Waters

And lastly in Stage 7, we completed the water and gas works, the first layer of rock for the road pavement, and have started construction of the kerb & channel (gutters). Stage 7 is anticipated to settle in May – June 2023.

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