We think home is a feeling, a place where community spirit matters.

For 100 years, Frasers Property Australia has been creating stronger, smarter, happier neighbourhoods which people are proud to call home.

International in scale but local at heart, our place-making and community development experience means we create homes and communities that are connected, diverse, sustainable and beautiful, enhancing the way people live life, together.

What does it mean to Live Proud?

Everyone deserves to live in a neighbourhood that is well connected, convenient, feels safe, encourages health and wellbeing, is future-focused and of high quality, and welcoming to all — including our pets!

Why join the Frasers family

We believe everyone deserves a rewarding experience when buying a new home. That's why we created our industry-leading customer care and loyalty rewards program.

For 100 years, Frasers Property Australia has created stronger, smarter, happier neighbourhoods. We are one of Australia's leading diversified property groups and an Australian division of Frasers Property Limited.

Proudly by Frasers Property

We've delivered over 145,000 homes for Australians in award-winning communities like Central Park Sydney (NSW), Burwood Brickworks (VIC), Ed.Square (NSW) and Port Coogee (WA).

Central Park Sydney

Infused with energy, intellect and optimism, Central Park completes Sydney's colourful inner-city landscape.

Life, Point Cook

Cleverly designed aroud a series of interconnected parks, conservation reserves and wetlands, so you can live life to the fullest.

Burwood Brickworks

A world-leading retail space, exemplary architecture and lush public spaces make this precinct one of the best in the world.

Proven track record

Our neighbourhoods have been recognised more than 400 times across the globe for their excellence in design, innovation, sustainability, landscaping and liveability.

Our stories

Uplifting stories from our customers and communities.

Latest edition
The Way We Were
08 December 2023 9 minute read

Australia’s journey over the past century reflects a growing sense of confidence in our nationhood, commitment to social progress, and adaptability to change.

100 years proud
08 December 2023 8 minute read

In 2024, we’re celebrating 100 years of our Australian property development history. And though it’s not our birthday per se, it is a reflection on a century of experience and lineage that extends from the days of real estate entrepreneur T.M Burke in 1924 to Frasers Property Australia today.

100 Years of Proud and connected communities
19 December 2023 8 minute read

This year marks a major historical milestone for Frasers Property – a centenary of developing Australia that extends all the way back to the days of property pioneer T.M Burke in 1924.

The iconic places that shape our cities
08 December 2023 8 minute read

The last couple of decades have seen Frasers Property Australia design and deliver a raft of award-winning communities that are exemplars in urban design and placemaking. As loveable as they are liveable, these are the iconic places that shape our cities and suburbs for the better.

Affording The Great Australian Dream
08 December 2023 7 minute read

The iconic image of a quarter-acre block with a family-sized home and a sprawling backyard has long held sway as the pinnacle of Australian homeownership. But, as the cost of housing continues to grow, planners, policy makers, and developers are exploring ways to keep the Great Australian Dream alive and attainable.

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