Berwick Waters Construction Update November 2022

We’re excited to keep you informed about how the project is progressing, give you insights into the construction process and ensure you’re up to date with the development of this exciting community.

28 November 2022

Stage 4 base layer of the roads has now completed and the construction of the retaining walls has begun, despite the poor weather conditions over the past month. We are anticipating settlement of Stage 4 in May – June 2023.

Over in Stage 5, the footpaths and rock layers of the road have been completed, and the sewer and water tests have been passed. We now only have asphalting works for the roads and some further authority audits to complete the stage. Settlement is anticipated in January 2023.

In Stage 6, 80% of the base course of road works has been complete with drainage work planned to start in the coming month. Due to the poor weather, other works have been delayed and we now forecast settlements in June - August 2023.

And lastly in Stage 7, we finished our road crossing for services, the base layer of the roads, completed 50% of the gas & water works and have made good progress on the retaining walls. In the month ahead we plan to finish the gas & water works and start the kerb and channels (gutters). Due to the poor weather,we have removed the possibility of settlements in April and we now forecast them in  is anticipated to settle in May – June 2023.

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