Berwick Waters Quarterly Update April 2024

29 April 2024

Dear residents and community members,

The State Government recently announced two new schools for our community.

Construction work has already started on Clyde North Primary School and Clyde North Secondary School (both interim names), with principals appointed and both schools scheduled to open for Term One next year.

We’ve completed works to half of the final section of Honour Ave between Riverstone Blvd and Longshore Drive and are close to receiving State Government sign off to complete the final section. Works on this final section are expected to start next month with the road likely to open by the third quarter of this year.

We can also advise that Mondous Property has started work on their section of Honour Ave between Macumba Dve and Soldiers Rd.

We’ve made progress on the wetlands near Stage 14 with earthworks now almost complete. We’ve also awarded the landscaping contract for the section of wetlands adjacent to Upper Banks which we expect to be complete in the first quarter of 2025.

We now have agreement from Melbourne Water, Council and the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action for our plans for the College Green Conservation Reserve and we’re working with a landscape contractor towards the earliest possible works commencement date.

And finally, Mondous Property now have a preferred contractor for Stage 1 of the future Town Centre and are currently working through some refinements to the construction plans.

As usual if you have any questions or queries feel free to contact our Customer Care Team on 13 38 38.

Jill Lim, Development Director – Land, for Frasers Property Australia

Community Project

Who is responsible for delivery?

Status as at April 2024

New road upgrade to connect Soldiers Road to Bells Road (Bells Road Extension)

Frasers Property Australia

While we have completed all the work we can on the new section of road running between Soldiers Rd (where it bends) and Bells Road (where it currently terminates at Thompsons Road), our progress at the northern end continues to be hampered by the recoating of the major gas pipeline which runs perpendicular under the road.

As we explained in our December update, the need for recoating was discovered by owners APA Group when testing the pipeline.

These continuing delays are frustrating our efforts to complete our works.

We now estimate the road will be open in the fourth quarter of 2024.

New road connection – Honour Avenue through to Riverstone Boulevard and Macumba Drive

Frasers Property Australia

Since our last update we’ve completed approximately half of the 150m section of Honour Ave between Longshore Drive and Riverstone Bvd. We’d hoped we could continue with construction into the next section without stopping but we still don’t have the final State Government sign off to proceed over the sensitive piece of State significant infrastructure.

We expect to resolve the outstanding matters with both a civil contractor and the State Government very soon and to start works next month.

Once we begin, we expect the road to be completed in about eight weeks, subject to weather. A four-week authority compliance period will then be required prior to lodging the plan for registration at the Titles Office.

We expect this final section of the road to open to the public early in the third quarter of 2024.

When completed ownership of the roads will be transferred to City of Casey Council.

New road connection – Honour Avenue from Macumba Drive to Soldiers Road

Frasers Property Australia, Mondous Property Australia and Circa Estate/City of Casey

Frasers Property’s part of this new road connection was completed in July 2023, and we’re pleased to advise Mondous Property has now begun work on their section.

They expect to complete it in Q4 this year.

The third and final section of road is the responsibility of Circa Estate.

We understand Circa are still discussing the completion of their sections of road with Council and the APA Group.

Upper Banks & Promenade Village and Emerald Bend wetlands

Frasers Property Australia

There are three different wetland areas to be delivered.

We’ve awarded the landscaping contract for the wetlands adjacent to Upper Banks. Completion of these works includes coordinating access for the different civil scopes, which include a pedestrian bridge and vehicle bridge.

We are now targeting a Q1 2025 completion with wetland infrastructure construction expected to begin in late Q2 2024.

Near Stage 14 progress has been swifter. A great deal of progress has been made on the earthworks, and they are now almost complete. Following completion of the earthworks the drainage infrastructure in this wetland will be constructed.

College Green Conservation Reserve

Frasers Property Australia

Pleasingly since our last update we’ve received agreement and approval from Council, Melbourne Water and the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (formerly DELWP) for our revised plans in this area.

Melbourne Water own this land so we require an access licence from them before we begin. We’re also discussing with our appointed landscape contractor the earliest possible works commencement date.

Sporting ovals (located at Springleaf Avenue between Waterfront and Heritage Hill precincts)

City of Casey

The City of Casey is currently reviewing their capital works programs for the upcoming years and once complete they will provide us with an update on expected timing for delivery of the sporting ovals/sports courts in this location.

We will update the community once Council have confirmed programming for these works.

Residents can contact the City of Casey’s Recreation & Open Space Planning Team on 03 9705 5200 if they have a specific question.

Primary and secondary schools

Victorian Government (Department of Education and Training Victoria/Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA))

There has been exciting progress on both the future primary and secondary school sites within and adjacent to Berwick Waters.

The State Government-appointed builders are on site building the schools which will open and take students in Term 1 2025.

Principals have been appointed to both schools.

The primary school will take Prep to Grade 6 year levels, while the secondary school will open with Year 7 students, with subsequent grades progressing year by year thereafter.

The schools’ interim names are Clyde North Primary School and Clyde North Secondary School, however the schools will soon be given First Nation names in consultation with Traditional Owners and with the input of the community through the Engage Victoria website.

The Waterside Centre (next to McDonalds)

Mondous Property Australia

Mondous Property has appointed a new leasing agency to fill the remaining outstanding tenancies.

Mondous Island Wetlands

Mondous Property Australia

Approval of a revised landscape masterplan for the area is still being worked through with City of Casey.

The Town Centre

Mondous Property Australia

Mondous Property have selected a preferred building contractor for Stage 1 of the future Town Centre and they are now working through refinement of the construction plans. The intention is to finalise the updated plans over the next quarter with construction hoped to commence thereafter.

A leasing agent has been appointed to secure future tenants.

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