News | 20 November 2020

5 best parks and gardens in Tarneit

Sisters on playground

With so much to offer, experience what the locals know to be true about The Grove - it’s a wonderful waterside lifestyle with plenty of green spaces to explore.

Of course, there are so many benefits you’ll get to enjoy when you purchase your dream home. If you’re looking to buy land in Tarneit, look no further than The Grove.

It’s only a short distance from the CBD, has a number of great local schools and plenty of established amenities. 

On top of this, the proposed town centre at The Grove is set to deliver an array of entertainment and shopping pursuits.

But by far one of the biggest attractions for families and couples is the outdoor lifestyle.

Tarneit is home to some of the most popular parks and gardens in Melbourne’s west. 

Within just a short distance there are plenty of spots that offer everything from barbeque shelters to adventure playgrounds and sporting ovals.

Keep reading to check out our top five parks and gardens with all the best outdoor things to do in your area.


1. Aeroplane Park

Local kids are going to absolutely love Aeroplane Park, and that counts double if your little one dreams of becoming a pilot or astronaut one day.

The first thing that catches your eye when you pull into Aeroplane Park is the gigantic blue jungle gym in the shape of a plane. 

Complete with a flight deck, propellers, slides and monkey bars, this aeroplane is a creative reimagining of the classic playground that so many grew up with. 

Well thought out, the plane’s wide platforms and ramps means that this playground is accessible for kids of all ages.

In addition to this, Aeroplane Park also has a curved spring seesaw, puzzle boards, and a low nest swing that will keep the kids entertained for hours.

Complete with barbeques and toilet cubicles, you and the other parents will be able to relax and enjoy an afternoon catching up in the park while the kids play.


2. Wootten Road Reserve

If sports are your thing, Wootton Road Reserve’s got you covered. 

These sporting grounds have something for everyone, and are bound to be the centre of weekend game days for years to come for proud residents of The Grove community.

The Meehan Tennis Institute offers lessons for people of all ages and skill levels, ready to produce the next Ash Barty. And the turf on the Wootten road field is just waiting for a cricket or footy legend to make Tarneit’s prime pitch their home ground.

When access to a tennis court, footy field and cricket pitch is less than a few minutes from your home at The Grove, what other excuse do you need to buy land in Tarneit?


3. Journey Drive Jumping Pillow

Get ready to be completely blown away by the giant jumping pillow at this park in Tarneit.

Don’t be sad that you missed out on this when you were a kid, because adults can bounce too!

There’s plenty of room for the whole family on this giant jumping pillow, which is surrounded by a large sand pit to give anyone who gets a bit carried away a gentle landing.

The pillow also has a shade cover to keep the sun off you on those hot summer days, making it the perfect day out year-round.

While you cool off you can charge your phone on the solar powered charging station.

If you’re keen to get jumping, make sure you show up between during opening hours which are 11am to 5pm, seven days a week, or 1pm to 5pm on public holidays.


4. Mulholland Drive Playground

If you want somewhere with a little more peace and quiet, look no further than Mulholland Drive Playground, one of the top parks in Tarneit.

Tucked away from the busy roads, Mulholland Drive is a relaxed area with a lot to offer.

Mulholland’s timber structures have a rustic feel, with a striking timber slide tower, swings and obstacles that will provide hours of fun.

The mini field and goal posts make this a perfect place to bring teenagers and have a kick of the footy or soccer ball.

The barbeque area and the shade pavilion mean that Mulholland Drive Playground is set to be a local favorite for years to come.


5. Navigation Park

Navigation Park is the local water park at Tarneit, making it the perfect stop on those hot summer days.

In addition to a number of water features, Navigation Park has a distinctive elephant feature, tunnels and a multi-storey jungle gym.

The basketball court and skate park mean that this is a great option for the whole family, from tots to teenagers.

These parks are just a sample of all the spectacular parks and outdoor areas within a stone’s throw of The Grove, it’s no wonder that so many families are eager to call The Grove home.