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Get WastEd at Burwood Brickworks

Innovation  |  Sustainability  |  Retail  |  30 October 2018
Frasers Property Australia
Media Release
Frasers Property Australia
Burwood Brickworks WastEd

Search is on for the most progressive waste management concepts

  • Frasers Property launches new innovation forum
  • WastEd is about innovative services, products and practices in a trading shopping centre
  • Product or process, big or small, but must have practical application


It’s the shopping centre development that has already thrown out the rule book. But that’s all Frasers Property Australia wants to throw out.
Frasers Property is aiming to create the world’s most sustainable shopping centre at Burwood Brickworks in Melbourne, and this requires a focus on innovative waste minimisation and waste management procedures.

The company has put out a call for start-ups through to established businesses to submit their most progressive practical products, processes, and/or services to WastEd, an innovation ideas forum which will culminate in a ‘Shark Tank’ like pitch in front of a live audience at Swinburne University.

WastEd is about understanding what is possible in a waste management context in a suburban retail centre, with real and tested solutions sought that support Frasers Property’s goal of achieving Living Building Challenge certification for Burwood Brickworks shopping centre, the world’s most rigorous sustainability standard in the built environment.

Entries to WastEd are open from now until 27 November, with a shortlist to be determined and invited to pitch their solution to a panel in front of a live audience at Swinburne University, Melbourne, on the evening of 4 December.

The most compelling entries will either be integrated into the infrastructure of the shopping centre or provided as options to all tenants. The submission form is available for download here. 

Jack Davis, Development Manager – Retail, Frasers Property Australia says WastEd is about uncovering solutions with the capacity to address one or multiple waste streams, for one or more types of tenancy, or even for members of the public who visit the centre.

“The minimisation of waste is especially poignant in retail so we’re looking for practical solutions that will reduce waste and eliminate landfill in the context of a super-neighbourhood centre with a broad tenancy mix, looking at all waste streams, with typical site constraints,” Mr Davis explains.

“WastEd is a natural follow up to the Living Building Challenge design competition that set the ball rolling for our aspiration to create the world’s most sustainable shopping centre at Burwood Brickworks.

“But WastEd is more than conceptual. We are looking for the best practical solutions able to be deployed in an operational shopping centre which will have a measurable, meaningful impact on waste minimisation or elimination,” he says.

Mr Davis is encouraging out-of-the-box concepts and products, disruptive measures with the potential to shake up the retail industry as it relates to waste, and new perspectives that promote waste as a valuable commodity. Submissions may also focus on products that are longer lasting, easier to repair and dismantle, or even ways to convince consumers and tenants, and influence public attitudes.

So long as the product, process or system is costed and tested in a practical sense, Mr Davis explains.

“The pitch opportunity is open to interpretation and we’re hoping to tap into some truly progressive solutions that will re-write what’s possible in a waste context for retail. There’s no more appropriate project than Burwood Brickworks shopping centre to be the focus of an initiative like this,” Mr Davis says.

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Frasers Property Australia
Media Release
Frasers Property Australia