Karwan Primary School is officially open!

We are thrilled to announce that the new Karwan Primary School has welcomed its first students from Prep to Grade 6 this week!

01 February 2023

Karwan Primary School has established an outstanding, comprehensive teaching and learning program in all curriculum areas. Additional programs include visual and performing arts, physical education, and science. Outside School Hours Care (OSHC), water experience, camps for years 2-6, lunchtime clubs, incursions, and excursions will be provided with the aim to “empower everyone to reach their full potential, today and into the future.”, says Ashley Craig, the Principal of Karwan Primary School.

Teachers plan collaboratively to provide a challenging and stimulating broad-based curriculum, which is grounded on a solid foundation of literacy and numeracy skills. The school offers high-quality, strategic professional development, utilising expertise within and beyond the school.

The active participation of parents and carers within the school community will be a highly valued feature of the school.

The school has state-of-the-art buildings and infrastructure, which will further support the high-quality experiences our students will receive, including:

  • an administration building with a library,
  • staff offices and amenities,
  • 2 learning neighbourhood buildings with general-purpose classrooms, and flexible and collaborative teaching spaces,
  • a specialist learning neighbourhood for subjects such as food technology and science,
  • a community hub with a competition-grade gymnasium,
  • canteen,
  • music and drama space,
  • 2 outdoor hardcourts,
  • a sports field,
  • and a bike shed.

For more information about Karwan Primary School, visit their website and facebook page.

Karwan Primary School Website

Karwan Primary School Facebook

Source: https://karwanps.vic.edu.au/our-school/

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