Project Update December 2023

It's amazing to see our vibrant community continuing to grow and evolve as we celebrate another successful year at The Grove.

18 December 2023

Watch as Kranish Reddy, our Development Director, shares all the milestones we’ve achieved this year at The Grove - and what’s to come next year!

  • Our vibrant community continues to grow as we welcome over 100 families in Stages 45, 48, 49 and 50 to our Riverside neighbourhood.
  • Our team has worked hard this year to deliver new parks and over 7ha of waterways planted with 100,000 locally sourced seeds to enable healthy and sustainable lifestyles for our community.
  • Karwan Primary School has taken its first intake earlier this year, and expects to enrol a further 570 students next year with the addition of 2 double-storey relocatable buildings.
  • Brinbeal Secondary College will open at the start of 2024 and will cater to 1,300 local children with 100 places for kids with specialist needs

Watch the full video to learn more.


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