Brinbeal Secondary College is officially open

Brinbeal Secondary College has officially opened its doors to help the growing local population get a great education close to home.

01 February 2024

  • This state-of-the-art institution marks a significant milestone in the educational landscape of Tarneit.
  • Brinbeal Secondary College commenced its journey by welcoming Year 7 students in its first academic year, and will be able to enrol up to 1,300 students including approximately 100 places for young people with specialist needs.
  • Residents of The Grove will now find an expanded array of educational options conveniently close to their homes, complementing the existing Karwan Primary School.

Brinbeal Secondary College, the long-awaited addition to Tarneit's secondary education landscape, has officially welcomed its first students. Nestled within the vibrant Riverside neighbourhood in the heart of The Grove, Brinbeal Secondary College promises to redefine educational standards with its innovative approach and commitment to academic excellence.

With its doors open to eager minds, Brinbeal Secondary College commenced its journey by welcoming Year 7 students in its first academic year. This strategic approach allows the school to gradually integrate additional year levels, ensuring a smooth transition and fostering a sense of community as students progress through their educational journey.

Simon Haber, appointed principal of Brinbeal Secondary College, has years of experience and a passion for educational excellence, Haber brings a wealth of knowledge and a vision for shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

The establishment of Brinbeal Secondary College represents a commitment to the holistic development of young minds. Students have great modern learning areas with air conditioning and heating, including shade sails for sun protection in the external areas. The school has been designed to be environmentally sustainable and easy to manage and it includes additional accessibility facilities to support for a higher proportion of students with a disability among the general student population. You can learn more about the school through their website.

From early learning and kindergarten, through primary school, all the way to year 12 and beyond—children growing up at The Grove will have every chance to shine. Find out more about all the education options available.

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