Construction of a new nature-inspired Park has commenced at The Grove

Collaborating with Fleetwood Urban, the park aims to seamlessly integrate recreational spaces with its natural surroundings.

20 May 2024

  • Construction has commenced on a new park in The Grove's Riverside neighbourhood.
  • Overlooking the community’s stunning wetlands and taking inspiration from nearby Werribee River, it features a half basketball court and green open space.
  • Anticipated delivery is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2024.

Excitement buzzes through The Grove's Riverside neighbourhood as construction kicks off on a new park set to elevate community recreation. Drawing its design cues from the nearby Werribee River and conservation area, the park will feature earthy layers and tones, incorporating elements like rocks and logs to mirror the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Adding a touch of artistic flair, the park will boast a striking Platypus sculpture by renowned artist Glenn Romanis. With a portfolio spanning collaborations across Australia, Romanis's sculptures aim to tell visual stories that deepen understanding and appreciation of the environment's natural and cultural histories.

In partnership with Fleetwood Urban, a leading provider of outdoor structures, the park's playground tower has been meticulously designed to blend seamlessly with its environment. Known for their customised approach to each project, Fleetwood Urban aims to create spaces that transform neighbourhoods into cohesive communities, fostering interaction and engagement among residents.

As construction progresses, anticipation mounts among residents eager to explore the park's blend of natural inspiration and artistic expression. Set to become a focal point for family gatherings and community events, the park promises to enrich the Riverside neighbourhood with its unique blend of recreation and nature appreciation.

Families living at The Grove are already enjoying several well-established parks and green spaces, all located within easy walking distance providing nature play, adventure play and activities for all ages. Register your interest to receive more updates about this thriving community today.

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