The Grove celebrates Frasers Property 100 Years

2024 marks a huge milestone for Frasers Property - Live proud - a centenary of developing Australia.

10 April 2024
  • Frasers Property celebrates a century of shaping Australia's development, tracing back to property pioneer T.M Burke in 1924.
  • The Grove celebrates this incredible milestone with a special Block party, welcoming residents to one of our newest parks in the Riverside neighbourhood.

This year marks a major historical milestone for Frasers Property – a centenary of developing Australia that extends all the way back to the days of property pioneer T.M Burke in 1924.

One of the first national property development companies, T.M Burke’s expansive holdings were acquired by Hooker Corporation in the middle part of the twentieth century. That business would go on to be bought by Australand in the early 1990s, eventually to be merged with global property brand Frasers Property to become Frasers Property Australia in 2015.

In commemoration of this incredible milestone, The Grove was thrilled to welcome over 250 guests and future residents to Congo Drive Park, for a special Block party. As part of the event, there were live music, face painting, burger food truck and even a giant cake – paying homage to Frasers Property’s 100th birthday.

The party was a great opportunity to meet locals and truly get into that neighbourly spirit. Don't miss out on the fun! Watch the video below and relive the unforgettable moments from our special Block party at Congo Drive Park.

As we reflect on a century of innovation, growth, and community building, Frasers Property is deeply grateful for the trust and support of our stakeholders, partners, and residents. As we embark on the journey ahead, we remain committed to our core values of sustainability, quality, and community engagement. Here's to the next hundred years of shaping vibrant and thriving communities across Australia.

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